The ticker on my facebook is gone

2019-11-18 21:19

Dec 10, 2017  If its gone for good, the Ticker is one of the more legacy features to get the chop at Facebook. The Ticker was first launched in 2011, to coincide with FacebookThe Facebook ticker was a sidebar feed on the Facebook website when you were browsing on a desktop computer. When it came out a lot of people hated it, as it would display your public activity to your friends. Sometimes you just wanted to comment on a news article without your entire list of friends knowing about it. the ticker on my facebook is gone

My Facebook ticker is gone all of a sudden. My whole timeline have changed recently. My chat tab now is black and in the left corner but I m OK with that.

Dec 11, 2017 Facebook's 'ticker, ' aka creeper feed, is no more. Gone is the last vestige of its chronological news feed. Facebook has killed one of its oldest features, the ticker, that let you see at a glance what your friends were doing or sharing. Facebook has removed the Ticker& the 'ShowHide Ticker' option from a growing group of irate Facebook users. A few weeks ago, my Ticker began hiding all by itself but would reappear when I clicked the 'Show Ticker' option.the ticker on my facebook is gone Edit, 24 December 2017: Apparently Ticker has been abolished, since I cannot get it to expand and there is no reference to it in Facebooks helpthe query as to

Wheres the Ticker in the New Facebook News Feed? Gone, Pretty Much the ticker on my facebook is gone Facebook tip: How to hide the ticker (or get it back, if you want) by ben patterson Feb 3, 2015 howtos, social networks (Update ) Many readers have noted (and its happening to me too) that the ticker has disappeared from their Facebook sidebars, without explanation or any apparent fix. It sounds like a lot of you are having problems seeing ticker. If you have the new design, ticker is in your sidebar and is sensitive to the amount of free space on your screen. If you don't see ticker, you can try using your browser in fullscreen mode or adjusting your screen size to see it. Oct 29, 2011 My FB ticker is gone but all my friends still have it. I have searched FB help and can't find anything as to why the ticker is no longer there. And please don't tell me to clean out my cookies and cache or turn on the app platform because I have done all that. Answer Wiki. 1 Answer. The Facebook ticker is not gone and it is still available. First, make sure you have at least 100 friends in your friend list. If you are sure you have more than 100 friends, then make sure you didn't hide or resize the ticker.

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The ticker on my facebook is gone free

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