Green screen when watching videos on facebook

2020-03-29 06:32

Jun 22, 2015 Green screen on Facebook videos. nonsense. 1st item on the list is Try disabling hardware acceleration. Rightclick the Flash Player logo below, choose Settings from the context menu. Deselect Enable Hardware Acceleration (on the Display tab), then and click Close. When I right click on the logo and click on Settings,Dec 23, 2014 Green screen on every videoYoutube, Facebook etc on a hp laptop. I have just gotten an HP laptop windows 8. 1 and whenever I try to watch a youtube or facebook video the video screen turns green but the sound is still playing. I'm not great at technology so step by step tips will be very helpful please! This thread is locked. green screen when watching videos on facebook

I get a GREEN screen when trying to view videos. WHY? 1 reply 12 have this problem views Last reply, 10: 40 AM. Every time I try to view an MSN or Amazon video, I get the sound but a GREEN screen and no video. I always have to go to another browser to view content. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? ? ? ?

How to fix a green screen on Flash videos. There is, however, a simple fix. While you are on the video page, rightclick anywhere inside the Flash Player and click on settings. Then uncheck Enable Hardware Acceleration. Refresh the page and you should now be able to watch your videos. You may experience a slight decrease in performance but at least you can watch the videos. Fix Green screen with playing video in Windows 10 Posted on May 5, 2016 by Windows 8 rtpro After upgrading my computer with AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics to Windows 10, I was unable to watch HTML5 videos while Flash videos were screen when watching videos on facebook When playing a YouTube video, a green screen is shown in the video with audio on a computer running Windows 1087VistaXP. This green video screen is different but equally annoying. The video green screen looks like the following image.

Why am I getting a green screen on videos on facebook. I can hear them. Videos. News Feed. Asked about 5 years ago by Donna. 862 Votes 367 Followers Seen by 127, 447. Good Question; Follow this Question Share. Featured Answer. Gerardo 2 answers. If You are using Chrome follow these steps: green screen when watching videos on facebook Aug 05, 2016 when I am on facebook and I try to watch some videos they turn green the sound is there but green screen Update the Display Adapters drives from Device Manager: a) Press Windows Key R, type devmgmt. msc. Jul 25, 2010 Browser video screen is GREEN When I play any thing in Flash forexample on youtube, or on facebook or any online browser video, The video screen is green, I can hear the sound but no video as it is whole green. Mar 23, 2019 Method 1: Run the Video Playback troubleshooter and check if it helps. Follow the below steps: 1. Type troubleshooting in the search bar. 2. Select Troubleshooting. 3. Select View all on the top left corner. 4. Click on Video Playback. 5. Follow the onscreen instructions to run the troubleshooter. If the issue persists then follow the below method. Method 2: Generally, if you get a green screen on a Flash video (audio but no video), you can refresh the page and get it working againbut that's annoying, and you'll probably have to do it every time

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