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Apr 14, 2014 I recently purchased a colt commander XSE. It's a beautiful gun but it has some things I don't like about it. First, the trigger is grooved but not rounded so it's uncomfortable on the trigger finger.Jan 12, 2012 The Colt XSE series, which include the Government, Commander, and Lightweight Commander models include handguns with common features like front and rear slide serrations, checkered double diamond colt xse commander forum

How about the Colt 1911 XSE Combat Commander with a 4. 25 barrel shown here in. 45 ACP? Would it make a good concealed carry gun? I heard several great reports about this guns accuracy, features, and enhancements and had to explore it for myself.

Dec 15, 2017 Of course with Colt XSEs it is sort of when they were built. Below is a limited example with that 2015 9mm on the bottom which has a righty only thumb safety and the original grips. On the top is an XSE LW Commander made in 2006 in 45. It has a FLGR which most XSEs had. This is a discussion forum for Colt firearms enthusiasts. ColtForum. com is a discussion board for Colt firearms is in no way affiliated with Colt Manufacturing Company or Colt Defense LLC. All trademarks and servicemarks are of their respective companies and not ColtForum.colt xse commander forum Jul 31, 2014  I like the new Commander XSE and think Colt is the king. However I think the new Ruger CMD is a great addition to the 1911 family despite the weight. Overall the Ruger is finished better than some Colts I have seen. I would like to see Colt get rid of that beavertail that is

Jul 21, 2015 Colt has been working with the 9mm Commander sized gun since at or about 1950. Experience is the best teacher. Colt is pretty good at 9mm 1911 in my opinion. However, no modernization solution alters the math. The 1911 was built around a cartridge length of one point two seven five versus one point one six nine. colt xse commander forum Feb 06, 2011 Hey all, I was wondering if the All 1911 Option for the Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe would fir A commander length 1911, well the Colt Commander XSE 1911 to be exact. I am really wanting this holster exclusively and was hoping that it would fit. Any insight would be great, thanks in advance for your time. Mar 23, 2010 Some people have no problem concealing a Government Model. Others find it terribly uncomfortable over time. I think the Colt O4691 (Combat Commander) is a better cc gun than the fullsize XSE (and about 100 or more cheaper). If you like the full size XSE, there is nothing wrong with it at all and it's a good value among 1911style pistols. Mar 15, 2019  Wife has a Kimber 9mm Pro Carry II, Springfield RO Compact, Colt XSE Lightweight and Colt XSE all steel Commander all in 9mm. The Springfield is the least reliable of them all having occasional FTF's She carrys the Colt lightweight the most but the Colt all steel is Feb 26, 2012  So, we add a sibling Lightweight XSE As you may remember, back when I bought the XSE Combat Commander I was excited about having a shorter 1911 for carry use (typically carried in a man purse as a large caliber backup to a pocket bound

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