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Feb 03, 2010 Hi guys, went out sunday and played my second ever 18 hole. Without a doubt the club that served me best was my 50deg gap wedge with 6deg bounce. Chipping and pitching were a breeze with it, and I am now thinking about replacing my sand and lob wedges with low bounce alternatives, but will this make them less usable from bunkers?As weve said, the TGrind is a is a specialty lob wedge designed to offer extreme versatility and shotmaking around the greens. Already low bounce on paper (Bob Vokey would put the number at 4), the new 60 T Grind features a dualbounce sole. low bounce wedges forum

new cleveland 588 rtx rotex 2. 0 black satin cb 56 sand wedge 1 dot 10 low bounce. The club head and grip are sealed in the factory plastic and the Cleveland serial number is located on the club head. Cleveland Tour Action 900 Low Bounce Lob Sand Wedge 58 Graphite L Golf

116 of 201 results for low bounce wedge Cleveland Golf Men's 588 RTX 2. 0 Muscle Back Low Bounce Satin Wedge, Black. by Cleveland Golf. 69. 99 117. 20 69 99 117 20. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. See newer version. 4. 8 out of 5 stars 16. Titleist Vokey SM5 Tour Chrome Wedge Sand SW 56 10 Deg Bounce M Grind MRC Kuro Kage Low Balance 85 Graphite Stiff Left Handed 35. 25 in More Buying Choices 45. 19 (1 used offer)low bounce wedges forum Because of the bounce, the club head encounters less resistance when it strikes the sand. The sole width also helps in this reduction of resistance. A sand wedge's sole, or bottom, is wider than other club's soles. This magnifies the effective bounce of the club, and build seven more resistance when driving through the sand.

If money is not an issue, I recommend you get the same model wedge in a 58 degree, but get the low bounce alternative (45 degrees) for when you play firm courses with short grass. As a lefty, I have grown up playing a mid degree of bounce with my lob wedge low bounce wedges forum May 08, 2004 2) Lob Wedge often 56 60 degree low bounce for same situations as above except 75 yards out (vs 100). 3) Sand Wedge often 56 60 degree HIGH bounce for bunkers and deep rough. The extra weightmass of the flange (see Jeff's reply) helps the club carry through the sandgrass Apr 25, 2017  Alright, I have a generic question. Names of companies notwithstanding. Back in the 90s and early 2000s, the OEMs seemed to have low bounce or their highest lofted offerings. Back in the day, a 5052 wedge had 810 of bounce typically, a 5456 Aug 18, 2007 low bounce vs high bounce wedges, low bounce wedges vs high bounce wedges, low or high bounce for tight lies, r7 draw a wedge bounce, r7 draw aw, taylormade r7 irons loft and bounce, taylormade r7 irons specs, what is the difference between a low and high angle of attack golf, what is the difference in low to high bounce in wedges, what is the What type of wedge player you are. For a. if the fairways are tight cut then opt for low bounce or even no bounce if very tight links type fairways if they are lush or you want the wedge for use out of the rough opt for about 8 degree. For b. If you are a 'digger' opt for medium to high bounce if you are a 'sweeper' opt

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