How to edit page url in facebook

2019-11-18 21:10

Apr 07, 2011  All you need to do is change the Facebook username for your business page. Heres how you do that: 1) Login to Facebook under your administrator account for your business page. 2) Goto your Facebook business page. 3) Click Edit Page or Edit Info near the top of the page. 4) Click Basic Information. 5) Change the Username to something better.I have created one facebook page with the URL and deleted it after that due to the spelling of the URL was wrong. Afterwards, I created another page with the same page name but I could not find the place to editchange the URL of the page. Please help on this. how to edit page url in facebook

Facebook Page URL is as important as the Facebook Page itself, because its page URL that will be inserted into a web browser to link directly to the page. After creating a Facebook Page the auto generated URL to the page is always not so pretty and sometimes not suiting its page name.

Change Facebook Fan Page Name: After login click on drop down Settings menu from the top right bar and under Your Pages click on the page that you want to rename. Now click on About option available on the left under the page tab. You will see Page Info, In the PAGE INFO, take mouse over the right of the Name and Edit option will appear and then click on Edit link. Important Rules& Considerations for Your Facebook Page URL You cant claim a username someone else is already using. Your username should be as close as possible to your true name or the name Choose a username youll be happy with for the long term. Usernames can only contain alphanumerichow to edit page url in facebook Step 1: Open your Facebook page Using the Admin account of that page. Step 2: Click About on the left side of your page. Step 3: Click on Edit that is placed in front of Username, under the GENERAL section as shown in below image. Step 4: You will see a popup box appear in which you will put Facebook page

If you're an admin: Click About on the left side of your Page. Click Edit next to your current Page username. Enter a new username. If the username is available and follows the guidelines for custom usernames, click Create Username. how to edit page url in facebook Change your Facebook business page URL: One Time Only! To make the change, go to the top of your Page by the Admin Panel and click Edit Page Update Info Basic Information Change Username. Since this is your one shot to make a change, make sure you choose a URL that is easy to remember and best reflects your business name so customers can easily find you on Facebook.

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