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2020-03-29 10:49

Jun 22, 2013 Facebook's iOS and Android apps have rolled out the option in messages to reply with a onetap thumbsup Like button sticker. The Like Replies are now available in Facebook and Messenger forJul 07, 2014 How to Get All Information About Your Girlfriend Mobile Phone Facebook Whatsapp Imo Call list Duration: 7: 45. RaRe iTech 246, 847 views facebook messenger blue thumb

Facebook Messenger will now let you unsend messages. We've all sent an accidental 'Wave' or a giant blue thumbs up on Facebook Messenger, and instantly wished the ground would swallow us up

Thats because you know all about the Accidental Facebook Messenger Thumb Of Doom (our personal name for it). and nobody wants this blue thumb. So Facebook, please reconsider. You are Move the big, blue thumb in Facebook Messenger slightly to the left. 0 have signed. Lets get to 100! Iona Lawrie started this petition to Facebook. Remove the big, blue thumb form messenger. Join Iona and 8 supporters today. Sign this petition. Today: Iona is counting on you.facebook messenger blue thumb Facebook Messenger gives you short videos, bigger thumbs. By tapping and holding the Thumbs Up button for a short duration, you will be producing a bigger version of the iconic image

of my life (which I do not have) searching to no avail. thumbs up ME Plus facebook. Facebook Messenger may be playing catchup in the great messaging app race, but the ability to send video messages to friends and a bigger thumbsup symbol, To get the giant blue thumb, all you have to do is press down on the like. facebook messenger blue thumb In Facebook Messenger in the web browser or the messenger app, there is a thumbs up sticker button out by default. People I know changed it to some other icons by default, but I can't ask them how. Nov 12, 2015 What The Facebook Inbox Thumbs Up Really Means. What The Facebook LIke button really means. Why i hate the thumbs up button in messenger Follow Joe K What does the thumbs up sticker in Facebook messenger mean? Update Cancel. a d b y P a r a b o l a. i o. How can I connect MongoDB to Google Sheets? So if you were to send me a thumbs up after reading my answer I would know that you now understand what that blue thumb is used for. . 5. 8k Views View 3 Upvoters Answer requested by. Instantly reach the people in your lifefor free. Messenger is just like texting, but you don't have to pay for every message (it works with your data plan).

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