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2020-01-29 18:12

Is anyone else having problems with the comments box? Is anyone else having problems with the comments box? (If so, you'll know it is on your end and not Facebook's. ) If you don't know how to clear your cache, here is a link that will help you find the proper site to find out. When you are at the proper support site for your browserWhy Your Facebook Like Box Is Not Showing Up June 7, 2011 Grandma Mary facebook, Favorite Posts 70 Comments. You do have to be logged in as your personal profile to get some of these Facebook widgets to work such as the Like Box and Like Button. facebook comment box not working

Facebook comments box plugin suddently not working in IE11. Ask Question 0. I have used the Facebook comments boxes on most of the pages on my website for about a year. It works fine in Firefox my preferred browser. Facebook comment box not working in iPhone Safari. 5. Facebook comment box with datahref using anchor issue. 4.

Facebook comment, like and share button not working. I added the Facebook comment app and the like and share button to my blog using the instructions on the FB website but they just don't work. the comments box isn't even showing up. I added some code I found in random answers. My code is below. Here's the url to a page so you can see Powering highquality discussions at scale, Facebook Comments Social Plugin means more engagement and less spam. The redesigned the Facebook Comments Moderation Tool lets community managers moderate multiple comments and filter.facebook comment box not working Jul 13, 2011 recently on facebook i haven't been able to see comments of people on my photos because the comment box won't pop up Ive been able to see the photo though. Also i can't comment on my photos myself then i tryed to go on over 20 different peoples pictures and the picture shows up but the comment box isnt showing up ive tryed refreshing it but nothings working someone please help me out.

All stories shared on Facebook about comments posted using the comments plugin will link to this URL. Current URL. mobile. Click the Moderation Tool link next to the comments box (see screenshot below). The view only shows comments posted to this webpage (URL). Note that in PHP POST will not work, you need facebook comment box not working How to fix Facebook not working properly. Facebook not loading properly. Problems, facts and solution you need to know. Facebook not loading properly: Solved (Updated 2019) March 14, 2019 By I. C Tiempo 162 Comments. Sponsored links. In the search box above the list, Feb 01, 2012 Hello! Comment box on facebook is no longer working for me on any browser other than Internet Explorer. But this only happens with Facebook in portuguese. When I click it, it keeps the text Escreva o seu comentario ( write comment in portuguese) in grey, and nothing happens when I press the Enter key. May 09, 2013 No cable box required. No thanks Try it free. Find out why Close. like& comment facebook problem fix nadir nair. Solve Facebook Like Button Not Work Problem English 100 Working

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Facebook comment box not working free

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