How to make friend lists on facebook private

2019-12-06 21:33

I want to be able to choose who can see my friend list, how do I do that? I know you can make your profile private but I don't want some of my friends to be able to see my friend listUse Facebook lists. Facebook lists are a way to organize your friends so you can see updates you want and ignore those you dont. There are two kinds of lists: Friend lists and Interest lists. This article explains how to create a Facebook Friends list. Next week Ill show you how to make an Interest list for brand pages you like. how to make friend lists on facebook private

Indeed, you actually have quite a bit of latitude when it comes to determining who can see your list of Facebook friendsand who cant. For example, you can hide your Facebook friend list from the entire world, if you wish, or make it viewable by anyone and everyone, save for one specific frenemy.

Heres a quick howto on how to make sure that your Facebook friends list is set to private and why its so important. On sites like Facebook you have your obvious mustdo privacy configurations, like your post visibility settings, which of course should be set to friends only. Our full click on your facebook name, top right hand side. This will bring up your wall, info, settings, etc and will show your picture, information and friends. Look at your friends section and you will see what looks like a pencil, click on that and it will bring up a box. Only you and your friends will be able to see your friends to make friend lists on facebook private Help Center. Log In Create Account. Home. How do I create a list to organize my friends on Facebook? shareShare Article. You can use lists to organize your friends on Facebook. Using a list, you can post an update for specific people, like your coworkers or friends who live near you.

Making your friends list private from Facebooks app. To make your friends list private from Facebooks iOS app, go to your profile, tap Friends below your profile picture, and tap the audience next to Friends to adjust who can see the Friends section of your profile. To adjust who can see your Friends list from Facebooks Android app, how to make friend lists on facebook private

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